Management Overview

LWC Management Corp. has a record of proven performance. We employ a hands-on approach to management and are able us to ensure increased revenue by maintaining a high occupancy rate.


  • Residents pass through a thorough screening process designed to eliminate future risk of non-payment or damage.

  • Background checks, including credit, criminal, court records, etc., are employed. Cost to tenant.

  • Leases are executed along with first month’s rent, security deposit and fees.

  • Thorough rental history, employment and income research and verifications are performed.

We work hard to keep maintenance costs to a minimum while still protecting the value of the property. We also believe attention to detail, documentation, seasoned judgment and professional representation are important measures in minimizing legal disputes LWC seeks to minimize risk by identifying the components of litigation, safety, security and emergency programs with regards to employees, contractors, vendors, tenants, and residents.

Maintenance and Risk Management

  • We provide 24 hour emergency assistance for residents.

  • We maintain a list of reputable contractors and vendors who qualify work with affordable prices and excellent service.

  • Onsite inspections are conducted regularly to insure proper apartment and building maintenance.

  • Professional onsite maintenance personnel available 24 hours a day.

  • Tenant requests for service and follow up are documented to assure accountability and continuity of service.

  • Lease addendum advises tenants to obtain their own renters policy to cover their personal belongings.

  • Mandatory safety inspections are conducted to check for dangerous situations that cause liability.

LWC Management Corp. is a seasoned and diverse property services company that has the ability to provide all of the services and disciplines necessary to get proven results.

Administrative and Fiscal Accountability

  • Provide comprehensive computerized reports tracking progress and expenditures.

  • Supervise major capital improvements and file necessary paperwork for MCI rent increases.

  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.

  • Establish operating and reserve bank accounts.

  • Maintain cost effective insurance coverage and analyze annually.

  • Prepare annual budgets.

  • Provide full fiscal operations, including payroll administration, bank reconciliation, collections and disbursements.

  • Perform required filings, registrations and notices.

Why Choose Us

You can count on reliable service, performance and responsiveness from a dedicated team.

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